Liquid Filters, Filter Cartridges & Housings

Liquid Filters is a leading provider of custom liquid filtration products. Whether you are looking to filter water found in your home or need an industrial filter that can withstand heavy duty applications, rely on Liquid Filters to provide your special filtration needs with quality products, competitive prices, and the best customer service in the industry.


LFI manufactures many pre and post filters for your whole house filtration needs; we can help with your taste and sediment removal giving you true water quality for your household and family.

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LFI understands in today’s world, Industrial Environments required specialized customer service and filtration that will withstand heavy application use.

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Food And Beverage

LFI manufactures nominal pre filtration and absolute rated fully rinsed up to 18 mega ohm water contracted in a clean room environment offering you a quality filter.

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Oil Absorbents

LFI manufactures our own oil absorbents to help you meet EPA regulations, do not get caught without a plan or our products to help reduce your risk.

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